Event Information:

  • Thu

    Mark Doneddu Talk and Dinner at Mantra Lounge

    6:00 pm167 Grattan Street, Carlton

    The Science of the Heart, Compassion and Meditation:

    The magnetic component of the heart’s field is 5000 times stronger than that produced by the brain. The heart rhythms affect our brain’s ability to process information. The heart has 40,000 sensory neurons involved in relaying ascending information to the brain. The heart sends 90% more information to the brain than the brain sends to the heart. The “heart brain” acts independently of the cranial brain and has extensive sensory capacities. Compassion and meditation have been shown to be very beneficial for maximising human potential. It had resulted in better functioning brains and hearts, which benefits the body as a whole.

    The presentation will focus on;
    * Rediscovery of the ancient secrets of the heart in the Modern Era/Modern Science.
    * Coherence, Entrainment, Brain Hemisphere Synchronisation and the Quantum Field.
    * Why the man labelled “happiest person in the world” by the University of Wisconsin–Madison is a long term Vegan and a meditator.
    * Why prisoners showed 90% less violence on the side of the Maryland prison where inmates were fed a vegan diet.
    * How animal products affect our nerves, causing agitation and restlessness, interfere with our ability to be calm, compassionate, relaxed and affect our ability to meditate.
    * How emotions affect individuals physiologically, and how those emotions affect other people locally and around the world.
    * Studies show global violence reductions during global meditations.
    * Latest Research conducted by the Heartmath Institute.
    * Meditation for reducing stress, improving sleep, improving clarity, providing greater resiliency and effective decision making.

    Vegan all you can eat dinner and talk for only $10!! No need to book- just show up. Get in early though as these events fill up fast! If you have any questions about anything besides Mark's talk (food options, seating, etc...) please contact Mantra Lounge directly as they are organising this.